This tool is designed to place hangers along the (Ducts, Pipes, Conduits and Cable Trays) automatically.

The tool will do the following updates:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  1. The tool has many hangers’ styles.
  2. The tool can place the hangers along with the elements (DUCTS, PIPES, CABLE TRAYS, and CONDUITS) automatically.
  3. The tool can place one hanger only on an element (if needed).
  4. The tool can select the hanger upper level automatically
  5. The tool will change the hanger size due to the change in element size.
  6. The tool will change the hanger offset due to the change in element offset.
  7. The user can choose to enter the distance between hangers in mm or inches.
  8. The tool can move the hanger to follow the moving elements.
  9. This tool can work with sloped elements.
  10. The tool can work with slanted elements.
  11. The tool can delete the hangers related to a specific duct when you delete the duct.
  12. The tool can place the first hanger and specify the distance between the first hanger and fittings.
  13. The tool detects insulation and works with it.
  14. The tool can work with MEP fabrication parts.
  15. You can add more hangers families and you can use it to work with the tool, This will be after you send this family to be checked and revised from our side.
  16. Hangers families can be customized to match your hanger presentation.
  17. The tool will enable the users to place one hanger at desired point by picking.
  18. The tool will keep the distance between hangers values and hanger type for future use.
  19. The tool will enable the user to set-up the distance between hangers for all sizes and save it for the tool's future use to enable the tool to detect the needed hanger's distance for the selected element without user interference.


Verzió 1.1.8, 2021. 11. 15.
1.Fixing the bug of hanger's slope in some cases. 2.Update the tool to remember previous data entry data

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3 értékelés
Műszaki segítségnyújtás
  • Need more hanger categories
    Ankit Singhai | szeptember 30, 2022

    Works great with default hangers, but hanger selection is limited. Need more hanger types like hangers with siesmic arms etc. 

  • Very good tool
    James Robert | október 27, 2021

    The tool save alot of time and effort especailly the new updates it work fine and stable ,it work with  (Ducts, Pipes, Conduits and Cable Trays) also it work with fabrication elements

  • Excellent
    atta ahmed | október 12, 2020 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    An excellent tool to save time and effort and is preferred for building information modeling

    Walid EL-Sibai | november 30, 2021

    Is it possible to buy the REVIT 2017 edition

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