RV BatchTransmit 2024

RV BatchTransmit 2024



This version works with Revit® 2024 only. For all Revit versions, please visit  https://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/rv-batch-transmit/)


Does it take you hours or even days to manually export lots of Revit models to RVT, NWC, IFC & DWG files? It doesn’t have to be this way!

With RV BatchTransmit, you can define your export settings just once, list all models you need to issue, click a single button, and then become free to do something else while Revit steadily produces all required files for you. Follow simple steps in our video below to make the model issue process truly automatic! 


Why not start right now with this free trial with all available features? 

Find out more at https://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/rv-batch-transmit/

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This trial provides full functionalities of the paid app for 14 days.


Verzió, 2023. 10. 10.
Updated release for Revit 2024

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  • Cloud models settings
    Johnny Rivera | december 04, 2023 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    I am currently testing the free trial, but I dont see the cloud models window setting, Where can I find it?

    RV Boost (Közzétevő) | december 05, 2023

    Hi Johnny, it should be available on the latest RV BatchTransmit version. Please download it from our website at https://rv-boost.com/rv-batchtransmit-download/ We are updating the plugin version here but it's still awaiting the app store's approval.

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