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This app increases efficiency when working with multiple assemblies that share similar detail sheet layouts. This add-in duplicates assembly views, schedules, and sheets based on an existing assembly. Additionally, it duplicates sheet layout with corresponding views, schedules, legends, text notes, title blocks, and sheet parameter values to the new assembly sheet(s).


Assembly Views Supported:

  • 3D Ortho
  • Plan
  • Section A
  • Section B
  • Elevation Top
  • Elevation Bottom
  • Elevation Left
  • Elevation Right
  • Elevation Front
  • Elevation Back
  • Part List
  • Material Takeoff
  • -Category- Schedule(s)
  • Sheet (In Assembly and Project Sheet)
  • NEW: Conduit & Cable Tray Run Schedules (run elements are not allowed in assemblies. Therefore, run schedules are created in project schedules)


Section A and B will be converted to Elevation Front, Back, Left, or Right depending on the orientation. Angled elevation views are not supported.



  • Create Assembly: Create assembly including nested elements (subcomponents).
  • Transfer Views: Create assembly views and sheets based on a separate project's assembly.
  • Print Selection: Add project browser selected sheets to <in-session> selection to be printed.



When renaming an assembly the following elements will be renamed automatically.

  • Assembly view and schedule names
  • Sheet names and numbers
  • Run schedule names and filters


NOTE: Assemblies must be created or modified while a valid EzAssembly license is present to be compatible with this feature.



When Duplicating or Transferring views: If a conduit or cable tray run schedule is found in an assembly sheet, EzAssembly will create a run schedule in the project and will replace the old assembly name with the new assembly in the schedule name and filters. In addition, it will place the new created schedule in the new sheet.


NOTE: It is recommended to use Data Ctrl Parameter Mapping functionality to maintain Assembly Name updated in run schedules.


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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


Verzió 1.2.1, 2022. 07. 02.
Added support for auto-rename when changing assembly type in the properties window. It will also apply compatibility when change type occurs.

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