Sheets by View
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This add-in will help you to select your desired views in an Autodesk® Revit® file to create a sheet for each of them simultaneously.


By this app, You can set the title block used in sheet, sheet number, and the sheet name in a table and multiple sheets will be created from selected views.


Also, you could set the location of the view inside its title block. This feature provides two options for you:

- Pick a point inside the title block as the center point of the viewport

- Or pick two points to create a region. And automatically, the center of this region will be set as the center of the viewport. Also, by this option, you could simply define the margins of the title block to create the available region inside it.


NOTICE: During running this plugin you could use Revit and modify your model (It uses modeless forms). However, you could not edit the views or sheet names and numbers, or delete them (If you do, Revit will show you an error to prevent unwanted changes).


The Trial version is also available and you can find it under the Bimodel apps.


Verzió 1.2.0, 2022. 01. 27.
Compatibility with Revit 2022

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