ReviTea Select Tools 2018

ReviTea Select Tools 2018




Everyone knows that Select all Instances means all similar elements in the entire project or visible in the active view. It’s one of the popular commands that almost everyone uses it daily. There are a few Autodesk® Revit® elements that don’t have the “Select all Instances” function. The big downfall here are lines and filled region.


Select all Instances of ReviTea extends the supported elements. It supports almost all elements that you could select in Revit. Select all Instances of ReviTea supports multiple selected elements. You could select multiple elements to find all of their similar elements together.



3D Models in View

All the 3D model elements visible in the current view are selected. 3D model elements mainly include elements whose categories are listed in the Model Categories Tab of Visibility/Graphics dialog. The exceptions include detail items, detail lines, nested elements etc.


2D Belongs to View

In Revit, some 2D elements belong to the view such as details and annotations. They only show in the view to which they belong. They will be deleted if the view is deleted.



You can filter selected Elements, Elements visible in the current view or in the project. For example, if you need to check how many in ‐ place Elements are visible in the current view, you can set Filter Family Type to In ‐ Place Family. You can review the in ‐ place Elements in the Categories treeview, and isolate them temporarily or select them. Filters include:

       Category of elements.

       Worksets of elements.

       Edited by Other: If the element is editable.

       Are in Group: If Elements are a member of Group.

       Family Type: System Family, Loadable Family and In ‐ Place Family.

       Are Nested: The Element is part of other Element.

       Are Monitoring: Elements are monitoring other Elements in current or linked project.

       Are in Design Option: Elements are in Design Option.

       Has Warning: Elements are related to warnings.

Note: Filter in Project may take 1 or 2 minutes to collect data if the project model is gigantic.


Select permanently hidden elements in the view.

You can hide individual elements in a view permanently. It’s not easy to select and turn them back on, especially if there are lots of elements in the view. This tool helps find and select the hidden elements without Reveal Hidden Elements mode.

After you select the hidden elements, you could unhide them with ReviTea Unhide Elements tool.


Unhide the selected elements in the view if they are hidden permanently.

With ReviTea Select All Instances Hidden in View tool, you could select the hidden elements in the view. Unhide Elements tool of Revit is only available in Reveal Hidden Elements mode. ReviTea Unhide Elements tool is available no matter if the view is in Reveal Hidden Elements mode.


By Changing settings in the ReviTea.dll.config file, ReviTea Selection Panel could be moved to a specified ribbon tab. By default ReviTea Selection Panel locates on Add-Ins tab. ReviTea.dll.config could be found in:

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ReviTea Select Tools.bundle\Contents\2016

Or Revit 2015 in:
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ReviTea Select Tools.bundle\Contents\2015


You could change “[default]” to a appropriate tab name such as “ReviTea”. It shouldn’t be Revit built in tabs like Architecture, Structure, System, Insert, Annotate, Massing & Site, Collaborate, View, Manage and Modify.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key ="TabName" value="[default]"/>


Verzió, 2017. 08. 09.
Upgrade to Revit 2018 Could filter elements by warnings

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  • When can we expect newer versions 2019/ 20?
    Michael Valle | március 02, 2020

    I love this add-in and have been asked several times if i can run it on 2019 or 2020. Please say that newer versions are coming.

    Lionel Camara | november 20, 2021

    It runs fine on newer versions - see my reply below for instructions on how to get it to load.

  • Great help for revit
    Gabor Kocsis | augusztus 22, 2019 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    I hope you can carry on developing this tool for newer versions.

    I would also pay for it if its back on the market.

  • Excellent Tool
    Sujan Maharjan | július 23, 2019 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    It's an excellent tool. It has saved me a lot of time. I hope it will get updates for latest versions.

  • Great Tool!!!
    Jackie Luker | március 11, 2019 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Is there a version for 2019?


  • Update to 2019!!
    Miguel Reyes Pacheco | január 05, 2019 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Please update to 2019!!

    Thanks in advance

  • For 2019, PLEASE!!!
    Steve Tran | december 11, 2018

    It would be a great ADD-IN for Revit 2019..

  • must have
    Jean-Philippe Perriolat | október 29, 2018

    i would be glad to have it for 2019!



  • I use it everyday! Meaning I NEEEED a 2019 version!
    Aric Crosson Bouwers | szeptember 24, 2018 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Thanks for making such a handy Addin! I use it all the time, and find myself relying on the select all in view for 2d annotations! I need it on 2019 to keep my sanity now that you've given me that functionality for all my other versions. Thanks so much!

    Michel Remy | március 15, 2019

    ReviTea is still working with Revit 2024. You just need to install ReviTea Select Tools 2018 After, you can copy the script below into a .bat file (wordpad file: save as Revitea.bat) This install ReviTea from 2019 to 2024 version. Just verify the path (should be C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ReviTea Select 2018.bundle) or modify it. @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion set "source=C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ReviTea Select 2018.bundle" set "destination=C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins" for /l %%i in (2019,1,2024) do ( set "dest=!destination!\ReviTea Select %%i.bundle" xcopy /y /s /e /i "!source!" "!dest!" pushd "!dest!" for /f "delims=" %%j in ('dir /b /s /a-d "*2018*"') do ( set "newname=%%~nj" set "newname=!newname:2018=%%i!" ren "%%~fj" "!newname!%%~xj" ) for /f "delims=" %%j in ('dir /b /s /ad "*2018*"') do ( set "newname=%%~nj" set "newname=!newname:2018=%%i!" ren "%%~fj" "!newname!" ) set "xmlfile=!dest!\PackageContents.xml" for /f "usebackq delims=" %%a in ("!xmlfile!") do ( set "line=%%a" set "newline=!line:2018=%%i!" echo !newline!>> "!xmlfile!.new" ) del "!xmlfile!" ren "!xmlfile!.new" "PackageContents.xml" popd ) echo Done. pause

    Aric Crosson Bouwers | július 24, 2019

    Michel Remy: This was extremely helpful. Thanks for specifying the exact location of the files you need to duplicate/rename. Now i'm wondering if other addins could be updated to the newer version of revit using this exact same procedure.

    Lionel Camara | október 10, 2019

    Thanks for that, Michel! An alternative solution (and my files are in a slightly different path): edit "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ReviTea Select 2018.bundle\PackageContents.xml" 1. change first SeriesMax="R2018" (at end of "<RuntimeRequirements ...") to SeriesMax="R2020" (or as desired) 2. copy the four lines (not counting wrapping, if any) from "<Components ..." to "</Components>" the desired number of times (for each additional newer version): 3. in each copy, change "2018" (3 locations) to "2019", "2020", etc. NOTE: it would be nice if you could just change "Max" in BOTH locations to an extremely high number and forget about it, but it doesn't work - for some reason, you need to have a separate "<Components>" item for EACH version NOTE 2: make sure you keep a backup copy of this somewhere, since Autodesk is likely to remove it from the store in a couple years (the 2015/2016 version is gone now)... BTW, Michel's solution also works (and is EASIER to explain), but I prefer to have just one folder to deal with when deploying it.

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