Reinforcement sketch 2024


The add-in consists of two parts.

The first part allows you to create sketches for display in the schedule.

The second part generates rebar sketches as separate drawings for placement in project views. 



Sketches are generated as png graphic files. These additional files are located in a separate folder along with the project file. The sketches are displayed as pictures in the rebar schedule when using the IMAGE field.


There are two ways to create sketches:

  • based on bar geometry

In this case, rebar is sketched to show all of the bar sections and to ensure the legibility of the sketch. No additional action is required from the user.

  • based on standard drawing 

In this case, the sketch is created based on standard drawings. At the moment, drawings have been prepared for BS8666: 2005 and GOST 21-501. To get the result (display the sketch in the schedule), you need to select the standard drawing in the type parameters - for the reinforcing bar shape.


Basic options

Rebar sketches can be obtained:

  • for all reinforcement in the project
  • for manually selected reinforcing bars in the project
  • for reinforcing bars of the current view
  • for reinforcing bars of the selected partition (assuming the partitions were created in the project)


For the formation of sketches, you can select the type and size of the font.

For standard shapes, you can specify the maximum rebar length and overlap. In this case, the sketch is formed taking into account the number of bar segments with the maximum length.


In addition, you can enable flags:

  • Show hook length
  • Show the bend angle of the bar (for free shape)
  • Show dimension lines (for standard shape)



A reinforcement sketch is formed from lines, labels and tags. All components are combined into a group. The group drawing can be placed on any project view.


The sketch is created for single rebar, area reinforcement or path reinforcement.


When generating sketches, you can:

  • create a rebar tag
  • select a font
  • select line type 
  • align sketches in a view (when creating multiple sketches at the same time)


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Autodesk App Store installer).


Verzió 24.01, 2023. 12. 04.
Version for Autodesk® Revit® 2024 only

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    One of the most convenient apps for documenting bent bars on drawing sheets and tables.

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