RV Browser 2021


To get the latest trial of this app for all Autodesk® Revit® versions before since 2016, visit https://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/rv-browser-bim-with-power

Say goodbye to bloated file size, redundant Revit items, and poor model management. With RV Browser, it is amazingly easy to:


  • Understand the state and progress of your model by seeing all its elements, even hidden ones.
  • Select elements of interest to edit all their properties at once.
  • Filter elements using properties such as Phase or Level, or any of your existing Revit view filters.
  • Quickly search for all elements containing a word or phrase in their names.
  • Quickly see if Revit elements are on the right worksets.
  • Check how many elements are in each Design Option.
  • See exactly who created or last modified an element to ask them relevant questions.
  • And much more!


Why not start right now with this 14-day, fully-functioning trial?

Find out more at https://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/rv-browser-bim-with-power


Verzió 2021.1.2, 2021. 09. 21.
Works with Revit 2021. For other Revit versions, please visit https://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/rv-browser-bim-with-power

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