The Family Exporter 2022

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 The Software

  • Is intended to simplify exporting current project families as .rfa files to independent content libraries.
  • Exported families are sorted in subfolders by category.
  • Features overwrite control, list filters and sorting functions.
  • Displays preview images and useful family data.
  • Could be docked in the work area.

  • This software is developed and tested in Autodesk® Revit® 2022 on Windows 10, 64-bit only. 


The Interface.

The Family Export Tool consists of various list views, filter boxes and information area.
The Family List is populated with current project content.
The Family Type List will show current selected family types.
The Category List could be collapsed or expanded to improve readability.
The information area will show selected list item preview image and simple symbol data.
The Path selection area will allow you to select export path.
The Export Button is activated when the Family List has any checked items.


Verzió 2022.21.07.31, 2021. 09. 13.
New version for Revit 2022

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