DuraFuse Frames Family v2.0

DuraFuse Frames Family v2.0



The DuraFuse Frames moment frame connection is a system of plates, welds, and bolts connecting beams and columns at a joint. Visualizing these connections in Autodesk® Revit® drawings and renderings is made easy with the DuraFuse Frames family. Once the family has been imported into Revit, it can be applied to any moment frame joint in the model. The connection and all its parts will be rendered to provide a realistic and proportional view of how the connection(s) will look in the model. This will help engineers and detailers better coordinate their designs and drawings. Please click the "Read Help Document" link below for more information on downloading the app.


Verzió 2.0, 2022. 07. 15.
The DuraFuse Frames family version 2.0 supports one and two-sided moment frame conditions and two-sided conditions with beams of different depths. In addition, version 2.0 includes a connection mapping tool that will automatically assign connection IDs in the model, eliminating the manual application of the family at each joint.

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