Sometimes the built-in Autodesk® Revit® spaces creation gives unwanted results like unnecessary spaces, standard offsets, names, etc.

This simple add-in> reads all the rooms from the chosen linked file and creates spaces based on those rooms.

1) Click the “Create spaces” button.

2) Choose the project which contains rooms to be copied.

3) The spaces are created. The add-in also copies the rooms names, numbers, and offsets.

Works for Revit 2017-2020.


Verzió 1.0.0, 2021. 09. 13.
The first version of the app.

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  • Slawomir P.
    Slawomir Pachel | január 31, 2024 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    May we all please upgrade this very good tool to newer Revit versions? Unfortunately, despite using the DLL in newer Revit there is an error when loading this addin.

    Thank you!

  • Great tool. Wait for 2021
    David Grassin | október 12, 2020 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Thanks for your dev. Work perfectly. I wait for 2021 version.

    Sami Issaoui | április 24, 2021

    2021 svp

    Sami Issaoui | június 10, 2021

    2021 svp

  • What is the difference between this add in and what revit does?
    Osmany Portal | április 15, 2020

    What is the difference between this add in and what revit does?

    Aleksandr Mozhaev (Közzétevő) | április 17, 2020

    1) Revit creates spaces according to architecture geometry, so it can create a lot of unwanted spaces. In this add-in you can choose the file it will create analogs for each room that exists in the chosen file. 2) Built-in command takes base point and level according to open view. Offsets, space names and numbers are default. Usually we have to customize it manually. Here all the info is taken from spaces' prototypes in the chosen linked file. 3) Built-in command creates spaces according to the open view, so you should be very careful with the view ranges. Also, you need to push built-in command on each on each level, for example, on floor 1, floor 2 etc.

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