Family Utility


This application has two functions:-

Export entire projects families to a folder.

Bulk upgrade previous version of families to current version. This app is intended to help upgrade family contents. You can also use it to upgrade project files.


Effective way of utilizing existing resources.

Eliminate tedious manual process. Keep consistency in standards. Fast and reliable outcome.

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This is 15-day trial application.


Verzió, 2020. 07. 23.
Upgrade with 2021 version

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  • Why is this an app?
    Juliana Milanov | február 12, 2015

    I can do that without this app too. Not sure why I should pay for this one. Is there anything more to it that I am not seeing? Case apps also has the option to export your Project families to the right Category folders that is so much better and is also free.

    Babu Rajan (Közzétevő) | február 12, 2015

    Sorry nothing more than what I described in the description.

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