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This free version of the Cut Opening software for Autodesk® Revit® lets you quickly and easily create holes throughout a project wherever ducts, pipes, cable trays, and conduits intersect walls, floors, roofs, or ceilings.



  • Takes Revit ‘Interference Check’ results and displays in the separate dialog for managing
  • Automatically creates openings where ducts, pipes, cable trays, or conduits cross walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Adds opening offset if needed
  • Possible to change the type and form of the opening
  • Option to lock the cut offset and form of opening



  • Takes projects to the next level
  • Saves time and effort. Populate your projects with openings in just a few clicks.
  • Insert openings defined by users of the full (paid) version of Cut Opening.
  • Easily insert and schedule openings with relevant information.
  • Customizable opening elements. Openings can be fireproofed, insulated, or otherwise outfitted.
  • Copy information from MEP and structural elements into openings. Find systems (and their info) that go through openings.





Note: This app uses a custom installer (not the standard App Store installer).

Also note: Along with the app, the ARKANCE Dock will also install automatically. The Dock lets you access trials of other apps, make purchases, and download software updates.


Verzió, 2024. 01. 31.
New release for 2024

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Műszaki segítségnyújtás
  • Opening in Linked Architectural File?
    Manoj Jadhav | augusztus 22, 2023

    Does this also provides openings in linked Revit files?

    Robert Prybyla (Közzétevő) | augusztus 28, 2023

    Cut Opening can create openings for the structures that are in the linked file. Those openings will be placed in current model. Later the openings can be exported and placed into the Architectural file

    Manoj Jadhav | augusztus 29, 2023

    Thank you for your response. Can I do Interference check with Linked Arch elements (Walls, Floors) and use html to place openings? I tried but could not get the result.

    Robert Prybyla (Közzétevő) | augusztus 30, 2023

    Regarding placing openings using html, after interference check has been exported as html, please apply opening configuration to it via "read interference check data" button in Cut Opening. That will provide you with an opening that can be inserted.

    Nahas Manaf | január 30, 2024


    Robert Prybyla (Közzétevő) | február 02, 2024

    My bad, the free version of Cut Opening does NOT work with linked files. Cut Opening Free can create openings ONLY for non-linked elements. (Shoutout to Nahas Manaf!)

    Manoj Jadhav | február 05, 2024

    Thank you, Robert!

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