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Draw consoles on rectangular air ducts on the floor you want by clicking a single button.

Draw clamps on the pipes on the floor you want by clicking a single button.

Count countable family instances easily.

You can use two pipe types prepared for you.

You can create schedule by pipe type and pipe system.

Create sheets in Autodesk® Revit® with sheet names in Excel.

You can place unions in your pipelines.

Optimizes length and places hangers for fabrication straight parts.

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Versione 1.0.3, 27/04/2021
Added tool: 1.0-MEP BOQ Panel Pipe, PipeFittings, Duct, DuctFittings, Conduit, Conduit Fittings, Cable Tray, Cable Tray Fittings, Wire you can easily get your BOQ by Level or by Active View.

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  • Powerful and Simple
    alex passenger | marzo 01, 2021

    You can handle some boring jobs and calculations just one click.

    fatih güzel (Autore) | marzo 02, 2021

    Thank you.

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