SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design 2022

SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design 2022

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SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design perform structural analyses of buildings and member design directly in Autodesk® Revit®.

The App provides for a full Finite Element analysis and design workflow in Revit – from modeling to code checking for concrete members like slabs, columns and beams. Structural analysis can be performed in 3D – allowing for realistic simulation of the structural stiffness and optional consideration of the construction sequence. Additionally 2D and 3D subsystems can be extracted with an automatic load takedown. Members can be grouped and designed according to Eurocode. Calculation and design reports will be generated automatically. Results can be visualized and managed in Revit or be transferred to spread-sheets or Dynamo for further processing.

Together with full support of collaboration features, SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design enables a seamless structural analysis workflow within Autodesk® Revit®.

When installed with SOFiSTiK FEA, the App enhances into a Revit interface for all SOFiSTiK Packages.

Go to our product Homepage for more information regarding SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design including the supported languages. Whether you would like to purchase this product or have questions regarding license options, we will be happy to help:

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