The homeAR platform is purpose-built to display home designs in Augmented Reality with just a phone or iPad. The homeAR mobile app allows you to deliver designs in full-scale AR in the real world or in dolls house scale AR, providing an impactiful and informative way to present to clients.
homeAR connect provides both direct publishing and export/upload from Autodesk® Revit® to the homeAR web portal where your models are optimized for AR and then published in the homeAR mobile apps
homeAR Connect features
  • Publish models directly to homeAR
  • Update existing homeAR projects or create new ones from within homeAR Connect
  • Export models from Revit to upload to homeAR
  • Sign up for a free homeAR account from within the homeAR Connect plugin
homeAR features
  • Full Scale Augmented Reality view
  • Dolls House Augmented Reality view
  • Multi-user viewing (for viewing models on multiple devices simultaneously)
  • Simple positioning tools
  • Sharing and publishing tools (including QR codes)
  • Webview (for browser viewing)
Try it now:
  • Download the homeAR app free to try one of our sample designs
  • To see your own designs in homeAR, sign up for a free account at portal.homear.io/onboarding
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버전 1.4, 2022-09-13
Version 1.4 Bug fixes.

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  • Good Job
    yassin barad | 7월 23, 2022 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    I can move within my Mobile .. Amazing ... Thank you <3


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