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Smart Hanger is an Autodesk® Revit® tool which helps users to place hangers and supports for all MEP curve elements.


It can place hangers and supports automatically based on preset rules, maintain relative position between hangers/supports and their hosts, and adjust fixing points to the closest structural elements or levels.


Smart Hanger has following features:


  • Place Hangers on Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays and Conduits
  • Place Supports on Pipes
  • Hanger and Support Auto Placement
  • Place Specific Hanger/Support Type Based on Host Size
  • Hanger and Support Manual Placement
  • Support both Imperial and Metric Units
  • Support insulated ducts and pipes
  • Auto update with its host elements
  • Hangers/Supports move with its host
  • Disassociated with its host
  • Adjust Fixing Points to the Closest Structural Elements
  • Adjust Fixing Points to the Closest Level
  • Delete associated hangers and supports

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버전 2024.03.01, 2024-05-16
This is the version update for Revit 2024

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