This application contains the following apps:

  1. Files Upgrader:
    1. Easily upgrade your Autodesk® Revit® Files old version to the current version.
  2. RoomLines:
    1. Create a boundary line from Room.
  3. Autojoin:
    1. Easily Join all Revit Elements together.
  4. Export Kit:
    1. Export/Print Sheets to PDF/DWF/DWFX/DWG
  5. Center Room:
    1. Center room Reference Point.
  6. WorkSet Assigner:
    1. Assign elements to the desired workset
  7. Align Legend:
    1. ensure all legends of the same type are in the exact same place in all sheets.
  8. Grid Dimension:
    1. Create Dimension for selected Grid Lines
  9. AlignTopo:
    1. Create Topo surface from the solid surface
    2. Align Topo surface to Solid surface:
    3. Align solid Surface to TooSurface.
  10. Renumber Elements:
    1. Tired of numbering each element, or fixing a sequence of numbers. try this tool.
  11. Clash Navigator:
    1. after doing interference check. export the report and open the exported file form this application. you will easily be driven to the clash location.
  12. PipeOpen: Creates an opening for any Duct or Pipe intersecting (Fully penetrating) Wall/Beam/Ceiling/Floor
  13. Clean up:
    1. Purge unused Hatches:
    2. Purge unused sheets:
    3. Purge unused View Templates
    4. Purge unused unload Links/Remove Links without Instances.
    5. Purge Design Options.
  14. Floor Generator: Generate Floors from any point in an enclosed boundary
  15. WallAlign: Align Walls Top and bottom to the Floor top and bottom face.


For a more detailed information please visit my website: https://moustafakh.wordpress.com/

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버전, 2018-05-09
This is the most recent development of all previously issued application, collected in one app.

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  • Great FREE package
    The Seychellian | 11월 24, 2019 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Great package but guys PLEASE allow us to upgrade families that are in subfolders of the main directory.

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