S.T.A. DATA - BIM Inside Structural Detailing 2019

S.T.A. DATA - BIM Inside Structural Detailing 2019



BIM Inside - Structural Detailing is a plug-in that allows you to create masonry-reinforcement concrete slabs, views, rebar details and marks for structural sheets of reinforcement concrete structures. 


Functions allow you to:

  • create masonry-reinforced concrete composite slab;
  • create detail view of main structural elements;
  • create rebar details updating them according to the model changes;
  • define a unique mark for structural elements.


All functions are developed with the aim of:

  • use methods and native objects (families) so that users can manage and modify their results;
  • optimize and simplify the creation of structural sheets by managing joints between different structural elements.

체험판 설명

Trial version (30 days); 5 days after the installation, users have to log in with their S.T.A. DATA account credentials (command BIM Inside> Manage>License>Activation).

For product rent or purchase, please contact S.T.A. DATA srl (comm@stadata.com) or www.stadata.com

이 버전 정보

버전 2019.1, 2019-03-01
Update 2019.0

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