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Use this plug-in inside Autodesk® Revit® to export the geometry from a 3D-View into a multi-player, interactive visualization hosted in your web browser. Interact with clients remotely inside of your exported 3D models by simply sharing a URL with them, no software downloads are necessary. Clients find it very convenient to remotely view developments in your architectural projects and designers find it convenient to review 3D models in a first-person flythrough setting.


Click the Toolbelt Web icon to launch the exporter dialog. You will be given a list of 3D-Views in your project to export from. The exporter will include any geometry currently visible in the 3D view you selected. If single objects have above 60,000 polygons or your total export is above 150 MB, you will be given a warning about the file size. Web browsers have restrictions on the amount of RAM used on any one process. If your file is too big, simply section-box it off into multiple exports.


Once you export your file, you will be brought to our upload center where you can create an account and upload your 3D model. Once the upload is complete, you can launch the file and share the URL with others. You may then view your 3D model in a single-user or multi-user session.


Inside Toolbelt Web, navigate through your model with the WASD keys and the right mouse button. We have also included a number of convenient tools for communicating with clients and designers including the ability to sketch on surfaces, leave notes, create measurements, change lighting settings, and move objects which you may activate and use with the left-click button. 


To create an account use the Signup option & to find the upload center for Toolbelt Web please visit:

For more information on the Toolbelt software please visit:

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버전 0.1.4, 2024-01-30
Added the ability to set origin point and forward direction for Toolbelt experience. Added compatibility with Toolbelt VR desktop application. Bug fixes and performance upgrades.

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