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Luminaire Hub - Dialux Tools

Luminaire Hub



The App exports building elements in the current view from Autodesk® Revit® into the .stf File format for importing to DIALux 4.


The app exports:

-       Rooms

-       Windows

-       Doors

-       Luminaires


Into the .stf file which can be imported into DIALux 4 while also exporting a DWG file to the same chosen location.


Luminaires are imported into DIALux as placeholders which can then be swapped out for other luminaire photometric files for calculation.


Geometry can be imported into DIALux EVO but it doesn't support windows, doors or luminaires 


Licenses are based on a single set tied to the user Autodesk account.


NOTE: Anyone purchasing the app will get access to the import functionality to bring luminaires back into Revit!

This is currently under development and will be released in the coming weeks.

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버전 2020.0.0, 2020-07-28
Initial version.

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