Water System Calculations

Water System Calculations

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In general, "Water System Calculations" provides three key features:


  1. Conducts flow calculations according to DIN 1988-W308 norm, frequently used in Europe.

    The application adds user-defined flow calculations for Domestic Water System into Autodesk® Revit® Mechanical Settings (under Pipe Settings / Calculation / Flow / Calculation Method), which uses Fixture Units (defined in plumbing fixtures families) to calculate water flow.

  2. Calculates pressure loss on critical path and shows the critical path for Domestic Cold Water Systems.

    One major and unique feature is critical path finder. It will find the critical path with the highest pressure drop combined with friction and elevation losses along the path. The final result is the total pressure drop. Revit finds the critical path as well, but it does not take elevation into account.

    As an option, the user can enter:

    - pressure drop on the water meter,
    - pressure drop on the plumbing fixture and
    - summarized total pressure drop in the system

    And compare it to the pressure in the public water supply network.

  3. Filters creation to display the colored critical path in 3D.


Also, the application creates and sets the value of a shared parameter which can be used to create a schedule of the pressure drop on the critical path.


If there are any changes in the system (e.g. a new branch is added), Revit will recalculate pressure loss again and the user should recreate the schedule with the Water System Calculations app (refresh the parameter).


This is a TRIAL app. After installation, when the tool is invoked, the user will be asked to activate the trial. To activate the trial, the user must obtain an activation code, which can be generated on our website (by clicking the 'Activate' button directly in the WCS app user will be taken to the web activation form). Then, the user must submit his first name, last name, and email to which the activation code will be sent.


TRIAL means a fully functional application for 365 days after the activation.

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Revit 2019 support

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  • Very usefull
    Nicola Montanini | 7월 18, 2018 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Very usefull for plumbing calculation

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