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Line Style Manager

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Cleaning up line styles in your project has never been so easy. With just a few clicks, you can clean up all of your lines across multiple views throughout your entire project!!

Either clean them up on a per-view basis or all at once!


Navigate to the view you would like to clean, click the button and see all of your lines in this view and across your entire project!

From there you can:

  1. Delete empty line styles from your project.
  2. Select one or more lines and change their line styles to a single line style
  3. Find where else a line style occurs in the project with the "Search Project" button. 
    1. On the Search Project Dialog, you can find where else the line occurs and jump to that view. Or
    2. You can select multiple line types again and change those to a single line type!

Cleaning up your line types has never been easier!

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버전, 2021-01-21
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