EAE Busbar Plug-In

EAE Busbar Plug-In

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Unlock the full potential of your electrical design projects in Autodesk® Revit® with our comprehensive EAE Busbar Plugin. This meticulously designed tool is infused with a range of features that not only streamline the incorporation of electrical distribution systems into your projects but also enhance accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with product manufacturing standards.


Key Features:

  1. Standard-Compliant Product Listing: Generate lists in line with product manufacturing standards, ensuring your project aligns with industry norms and quality benchmarks. This facilitates not only compliance and quality assurance but also eases procurement and installation processes.
  2. Electric Current Direction Management: Fine-tune the directions of electric currents in Busbar lines within your designs. This critical feature allows for optimized layout planning, ensuring safety, enhancing efficiency, and reducing the risk of system overloads or failures.
  3. Neutral Direction Adjustment: Take control of the neutral directions in your Busbar lines, a vital aspect in balancing electrical loads and preventing system disruptions. This contributes to the overall stability and efficiency of your electrical distribution systems.
  4. Amperage Modification Capability: Adapt the amperage values of drawn Busbar lines as needed, providing the flexibility to adjust electrical loads in response to evolving project requirements or system expansions.
  5. Voltage Drop Calculation: Execute precise voltage drop calculations for your Busbar lines, an essential step in preventing under-voltage issues, ensuring the reliability of electrical supply, and maintaining the integrity and longevity of connected equipment.
  6. Specialized EAE Busbar Product Integration: Directly integrate specialized EAE Busbar products into your projects, bringing in not only high-quality components but also consistency and reliability to your electrical distribution system designs.
  7. Color-Coding of Energy Lines: Employ color-coding for Busbar energy lines, enhancing visual clarity, simplifying system navigation, and reducing errors during both the design and installation phases.
  8. Reintegration and Adjustment of Divided Busbar Lines: Merge and reorganize drawn and divided Busbar lines with ease. This feature not only enhances design accuracy but also provides flexibility in system design and adapts to changes or expansions in project scopes.


Our plugin is crafted to empower professionals to create robust, efficient, and reliable electrical distribution systems using EAE's reputable products. Facilitating intricate tasks such as amperage adjustments, voltage drop calculations, and system direction modifications, ensures your projects are resilient, compliant, and fully aligned with professional electrical engineering standards. Experience a new horizon of precision and efficiency in your Revit projects with the EAE Busbar Plugin.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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버전, 2024-05-16 Create Busbar Sheet Method created.Customers can create Busbar Sheet with this method.Customers can click the "Create Busbar Sheet" button and then select a Splited Busbar Line. After that , method creates a sheet for selected line properties. Exporting DWG Method updated. Cad file includes all the family names and the length of the elements. Exporting EAE Busbar Product Lines as DWG File created inside List Form. Customers can export Product List of EAE Busbars with this method. The conductor method in the edit form has been changed. Created to detect the conductors of each product group.

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  • Brilliant
    pierre dib | 2월 28, 2024

    Best bubars add-on for revit I have tested

    Ali Rıza Yılmaz (게시자) | 2월 29, 2024

    Thank you for attention. Feedbacks are really important for us and this Plug-In.

  • Very useful
    Osman Ozkan | 12월 14, 2023

    You can do everything related to the busbar line with this plugin.

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