Armacell BIM Insulation Tool

Armacell BIM Insulation Tool

Armacell Enterprise GmbH

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The plug-in greatly simplifies the planning of technical insulation with BIM: unlike sanitary objects, for example, insulation has to be designed for equipment (e.g. pipes or ventilation ducts) which has already been planned. As the selection of the specific insulation material depends on various parameters (e.g. the diameter), it has to be entered actively by the user. Here errors often occur, because the data has to be looked up in the catalog and then entered manually. 


In contrast, the new Armacell BIM plug-in accesses the data required directly in the model and supports the user in selecting and configuring products. Export from the Armacell product database allows the design process to be automated and the user does not need to make any manual entries. This makes the planning and design process simpler and faster and also reduces errors.


Note: This app uses custom installer and not the Autodesk App Store standard installer.

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버전, 2020-08-13
Updates: - updated data DB´s (version 2.00) - updated translation - new UI (User Interface) - new multi-layer function - improved insulation configurator (e.g. import / export function) - updated BOM list with excel export - general upgrade and improvement - various bug fixes - added compatibility with Revit 2020 and 2021 Features: - automatic insulation of pipes and ducts - worldwide language support - regional product catalog - Bill of materials (BOM) - Multi-layer insulation

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