Easy PDF Print (Trial)

Easy PDF Print (Trial)



In most of the projects, you need to export multiple sheets to pdf and the output file name for each sheet should follow a naming convention. In practice, this is very time consuming and increases the likelihood of errors.


Also, the paper size and orientation of the output files may vary for different sheets, so it will take a long time to adjust them manually in large projects.


This plugin does the above for you easily. You could use the following pdf print drivers:

  • Adobe PDF
  • novaPDF
  • Microsoft Print to PDF
  • PDFCreator
  • PDF24
  • Bullzip PDF Printer

In the next revisions, other pdf drivers may be added.


It is recommended to set the preferences of the selected PDF driver from "Printers & scanners" in the Windows setting before using it inside the plugin, e.g. the output path.

For PDFCreator, PDF24, and Bullzip PDF Printer, you could change preferences by using their settings application.

For PDFCreator and Bullzip PDF Printer file naming process doesn't work properly, because of their built-in settings.


This plugin has 3 features that also are going to be published as separate plugins. Below, they are described:


1- Print Setup Manager:

You could select, edit, or add a print setup, and also override the page size and orientation by a specific value or by using a predefined parameter for more advanced jobs.


2- Sheet Set Manager:

For choosing sheets, you could choose them whether manually or by sheet sets. Also, there is a sheet set managing feature in this plugin, that helps you to edit existing sheet sets or create a new one.


3- Combine Parameters:

By default, "Sheet Number" will be used for the output PDF file names. But you could add prefix and suffix to them. The prefix/suffix can be custom or based on the sheet parameters.

So you could define a parameter by combining other parameter values. 

체험판 설명

You can use this app for 10 days and in each use, you could export 10 sheets to PDF.

If you like the full version you can buy it from Autodesk App Store under BIMODEL Publisher.

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버전 1.2.0, 2022-01-24
Compatibility with Autodesk® Revit® 2022.

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