Link Manager

Link Manager

Digitally signed app



Link Manager will help you to manage your Autodesk® Revit® links and Autodesk® AutoCAD® links. The add-in is very useful and saves time while working with links in your project.


Quick function (select link directly or using control panel dialogue):

  1. Open the file folder
  2. Open file in Revit/ AutoCAD program
  3. Reload From...
  4. Isolate Revit link in the active view
  5. Hide/Unhide
  6. Reload multiple links
  7. Unload multiple links (only for Revit links)
  8. Quick Insert Link (only for Revit links)
  9. Remove multiple links
  10. Close Grid and Level worksets) (only for the work-shared projects)
  11. Copy multiple links to one folder
  12. Quick enable work-sharing (only for Revit links)

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버전 1.2.0, 2022-08-10
Added digital sign

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