GRAITEC PowerPack for Autodesk® Revit® 2023

GRAITEC PowerPack for Autodesk® Revit® 2023

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GRAITEC PowerPack for Autodesk® Revit® is an add-on packed with tools that deliver more functionality, better control, and more automation for Revit users across all industries. 

With more than 80 tools available, the PowerPack increases the productivity of both engineers and designers, helping to ensure data reliability, whilst automating documentation and improving BIM coordination.

Three Packages are available, Standard, Professional, and Premium. Premium dedicated to the creation of Structural Reinforcement detailed description of the packages here.

Languages are available on installation: English, French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish.


Numbering Tool :

Elements’ numbering in Revit requires a manual selection of objects, one after the other, within the project. Locating or renumbering several hundred objects can thus become a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task. Numbering using the GRAITEC PowerPack saves time and eliminates the risk of errors such as duplicates or omissions, also preventing inherent information inconsistencies.

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Link To Excel :

Exporting BIM information from Revit to Excel can be a long manual operation. The “Dynamic Link to Excel” function in the PowerPack allows users to transfer data directly into Excel (BOMs) either dynamically or by a simple click. Similarly, integrating Excel data into Revit is carried out just as easily.

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Family Manager :

By default, Revit offers a basic families library depending on the localization country. The PowerPack “Family Manager” is the necessary step-up to optimize the BIM model creation and facilitate collaborative work! In order to guarantee effective collaboration and ensure coherence between project elements within an agency or a design office, the library is accessible to the entire team. Easy to use, this tool has a visual graphical interface that allows for very intuitive handling.

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Element Lookup :

Currently, certain Revit parameters are difficult to access and thus cannot be effectively exploited when Revit filters are activated. The PowerPack for Revit provides advanced searching features that offer the flexibility needed to allow easy object selection based on their characteristics, for batch-processing purposes.

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Batch Exporter :

Exporting Drawings and views to different file formats is time-consuming, Batch Exporter gives you the ability to export Views and Sheets from your Revit project to various file formats simultaneously.  Batch exporter has over 10 different file formats available to the user, including DWG, PDF, DGN FBX, SAT, NWC. The export naming convention can also be customized to the user’s needs.

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Main Bars :

The Main Bars tool is an intelligent interface that will automatically change depending on the type of element you wish to reinforce. The user is presented with an intuitive interface where all aspects of reinforcement related to that type of element are listed. Supported elements include Footings, Columns, Beams and Walls. A key feature in both Beams and Columns is the ability to easily create “Packages” that allow for varying distribution of Transversal bars such as stirrups.

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Visibility :

Setting rebar visibility in Revit can be a time-consuming job, newly created reinforcement will not automatically inherit the existing view settings. Graitec has created several tools to optimize and control the visibility of reinforcement. The Browse Reinforcement command enables users to browse all reinforcement through filters based on rebar parameters ( type, partition, mark, shape, diameter…) and highlights all corresponding instances in the view.

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Bending Details :

PowerPack for Revit comes with the ability to create intelligent Bar bending details based on the modeled reinforcement. It can create a 2D fully dimensioned bar bending detail, that will update as the design changes. Both the placement and scale of these details can be controlled to help increase the speed of the documentation process.

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This is the 30-day Free Trial version without any restrictions to our full set of tools part of PowerPack for Autodesk Revit.

Languages available on installation: English, French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish

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  • I saved hours using this Revit plugin!
    Alix Tissier | 12월 01, 2023

    This Revit plugin is highly intuitive and comprehensive. It offers numerous features for managing Revit families, exporting schedules to Excel and provides tools for renumbering elements in Revit. I use it daily!

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