Tools™ SpecBlock - Specifier Tools

Tools™ SpecBlock - Specifier Tools



We are simplifying Construction Specifications with Tools™. Find 3D construction details & place SpecBlocks onto drawing sheets to share & specify in Autodesk® Revit®. For Pro subscribers, the app will be available only from Apr 2024, see for more information.


Create a free account at where you can view up to 10 Tools™ per month. Find the 3D colorized detail you want to specify, zoom into a detail, then copy the URL or click share to generate a link. Paste the URL copied from Building Tools™ into the add-on.


Now you can build your Project Specification while you design.


Customize the pre-filled number label & block title then Generate to quickly add to the sheet & drag into position to suit your layout. Print PDF with hyperlinked blocks, or QR to scan a hardcopy on site to Quickly preview & place previous SpecBlocks in History.

체험판 설명

This app is entirely free to download & use however you are limited to viewing up to 10 Tools™ per month. Full functionality is dependent on an active pro membership through website.

이 버전 정보

버전 1.1.2, 2024-04-12
- Optimized loading of preview images. - Fix some bugs.

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