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Shadow Analysis is a simple, jet powerful tool for analyzing daylight conditions. This plugin is designed to help you with smooth communication between Shadow Analysis and Autodesk® Revit®.


It allows you to select families which will be included in the exported file. The add-on will create custom 3D Views. You can create and save multiple Shadow Analysis Exporter views for different purposes.


Shadow Analysis is a simple tool for analyzing daylight conditions. An analysis is presented as easy to read, colorful diagram, directly on the 3D model. Shadow Analysis was created to help designers to understand daylight conditions in the dense urban area and provide them with a tool for designing better, more sustainable buildings and urban spaces. Main advantages of Shadow Analysis 2 are:

  • Result of the analysis is served as texture directly on 3D model
  • Allows to save multiple views without recalculating
  • Analyze only selected surfaces
  • Utilize all power of you CPU and GPU

You can download Shadow Analysis 2 from and use it for free for up to 3 months.

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버전 1.0.0, 2017-07-17
Initial Release.

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