Graphic Memories

Graphic Memories

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Graphic Memories is a plugin that allows you to automate the creation of all types of graphic memories through legend views, especially carpentry memories. This plugin is designed to combine automation with customization, with it you can automate your graphic memories without leaving aside total customization of your plans. You can define your own templates and generate from them your memories in a few clicks. Or if you prefer, you can start from one of the templates we provide you and generate the carpentry memory of your project in a few seconds.


Graphic Memories is divided into three parts. First, select the components for which you want to create the memory; second, sort the selected components according to the criteria you prefer. Finally, customize the view or template you want to use as a reference view for your memory. Take a look at Graphic Memories at work in the video below:

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버전 1.0.4, 2021-09-13
- Change of user interface - Bug fixing

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