Copy/ Combine (Text Parameters)

Copy/ Combine (Text Parameters)

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This tool is designed to copy text parameters data between Autodesk® Revit® elements, it also can combine text parameter information from more than one parameter and join it in another text parameter additionally, and it can add separators between the combined text parameter data. The tool can also copy text parameters data between different Revit categories.


For example: if you have four text parameter (A, B, C, D)




D= (empty parameter)


You can copy the data from any parameter to parameter. 


You can combine the data into parameter “D”.

“D” = I’m using BIM

You can combine the parameters data and add separators between parameter.

“D”= I’m-using-BIM

Also, you can add prefix or suffix to the text data in parameter “D”.

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버전 1.1.0, 2019-08-01
1.Adding more parameters to copy, not only text parameters. 2.Add MEP Fabrication categories.

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  • Excellent tool for copy or combine parameters
    Andrea Robert | 6월 08, 2016

    Excellent tool for copy or combine parameters in the same category or between different categories

    Christopher Suggs | 9월 26, 2018

    Does this tool work for MEP Fabrication Hangers?

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