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This app provides a set of tools to control your levels and grids. It allows you to change level assignments, and level names, move multiple levels simultaneously, and renumber grids.


Reassign Levels:

A big part of this tool allows you to change reference levels without changing the element’s location/elevation. The tool will do it automatically and will set the correct offsets for you!

The tool is going to do it automatically. It will set the correct offsets for you.

No longer, you will have to calculate them manually. Choose the new level (or use another provided option) and it will be done.


Each of the buttons has 6 different options you might use.

  1. Default (Chosen with Menu).
  2. Set the level to the Closest.
  3. Set the level to the Closest Above.
  4. Set the level to the Closest Below.
  5. Set the level to the one above the currently selected.
  6. Set the level to the one below the currently selected.


Level Names:

There are many tools that help you rename the levels in your project.

  1. Rename Levels with Menu.
  2. Find and Replace in Level Names.
  3. Rename Levels Up.
  4. Rename Levels Down.
  5. Add Prefix or Suffix to Levels.


Edit Level:

  1. Move Multiple Levels at the same time.
  2. Grid Names.
  3. Rename Grids with Menu.
  4. Rename Grids Up.
  5. Rename Grids Down.
  6. Add Prefixes or Suffixes to Grids.

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버전 1.2.0, 2024-07-10
Adding support for Revit 2025

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  • Great tool
    Harald Dengg | 5월 03, 2024 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Super easy to use and does what it's supposed to! Highly recommended! 

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