MEP updown (free trial)

MEP updown (free trial)



It's a trial version of the MEP updown app.

Paid app link:


This app helps MEP elements (duct, pipe, cable tray, and conduit) to modify level offset up or down.

By splitting the elements and input offset/angle value, the app redraws elements automatically.

The app works with any language version of Autodesk® Revit®, but the command is in English.

It is useful for Revit HVAC, piping, and electrical modeling.

It saves modeling time, improves model quality.



Available in all languages (Add-in is in English)

Unit -> Offset Project Length Unit, Angle: 1~90 degrees.

Fittings are referred to as Routing Preference of Type Properties.

Offset Value needs enough room to place the required fittings.

Convenient to use a plan view when an element is split.

Insulation and lining are supported.

Fabrication is not supported.

이 버전 정보

버전 2.0.0, 2021-09-13
The initial release of the trial version.

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