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SpeedJoin for Autodesk® Revit® is a minimalist Addin that helps users to do in just three clicks what normally took hundreds of clicks and a lot of time. With a very powerful algorithm, speed up your tasks and work smarter and faster.


  • Very intuitive interface that doesn't need any prior adaptation time.
  • Perform thousands of Join operations (Join, Unjoin and Switch join) in seconds.
  • The new tool "Walls Cleaning" allow you to join all stacked walls to generate a clean facade
  • Don't forget a single element anymore and waste time in looking for undone elements.
  • With the Join & Switch tool, you can, in one click join elements then switch the join order automatically.
  • You can verify that your elements are correctly joined with Isolate/Restore button that isolates temporarily the two categories.
  • Can take charge of all kinds of elements even In situ ones.
  • Effortlessly make your model cleaner and get the right quantities in your schedules.
  • Just after the purchase, you will receive a License Key for the activation of the SpeedJoin Addin.
  • A life time license

이 버전 정보

버전 2.0, 2021-09-13
Walls cleaning tool and Some improvements and bugs fixed .

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