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Paramnesia is a program to help Autodesk® Revit® users and managers proofread their BIM parameters. Revit models contain hundreds and thousands of parameters, names, and families. This tool will check all these parameters against a master file that you control. If any parameters do not comply with your master "nomenclature file," this program will print a schedule of them for you to review and modify.

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버전, 2017-05-12 Updated to be compatible with Revit 2017. Enhanced parameter checking to include more datatypes. Updated to be compatible with Revit 2016. First public release. Full Revit Ribbon and buttons, CHM help file, Icons, and various tools: “Model Checker,” “Run Quick Fav,” “Sched Exporter,” “View Checker,” and “Purge All.”

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  • Great BIM plugin, it's like spell check for revit
    Dean Demko | 5월 12, 2017

    Such a versatile plug-in. I keep finding new ways to use it. I'll never have misspelled views ever again.

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