Naviate Site & Landscaping 2024

Naviate Site & Landscaping 2024

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Align Topo

Align your topography to other hardscape features such as Edges, Faces, Top and Bottom of elements and Model Lines. Points are created according to the desired linear or radial incremental distance. Topo Surfaces works with existing and future phasing. The graded region tool is used to create a copy of the existing site conditions. This workflow enables Cut and Fill calculations in Autodesk® Revit®.


Topo manipulation – Place Point

Place point will create a point on a Topo surface based on an element or line work. The heights of resulting points will follow the underlying topography instead of aligning to the height of the chosen object, making Points available to be manipulated.


Cut & Fill

Calculation of arisings from the excavation is difficult in Revit. With Cut & Fill you can automatically cut out of fill areas of topography based on features like terrain/retaining walls. You can create slopes with specified angles or permille and horizontal offset from a line.


Pattern Editor

Editing patterns from within Revit is only possible with grids or single lines, and advanced editing requires time and knowledge of complicated .pat files or objects from AutoCAD. Pattern Editor lets you access and edit patterns easily. Patterns can be duplicated and applied to chosen objects with instant feedback.


Create From Topography

A tool that enables you to create a Floor from existing topography. The function reads all topo-points and adds them as sub-element points to the new Floor, mimicking the shape of the Topography, with the possibility of setting an offset for alignment.


Slope Markings

This is a tool used for the graphical presentation of slope foot markings in a Plan view or a 3D view. With this tool, you can automatically create slope markings by selecting the top and bottom lines of the slope. It is also possible to create slope markings automatically when doing Cut&Fill or Align Profile commands.


Create Contours


This is a tool used for adding contour lines to the top surface of Floors. Revit has the built-in functionality for displaying the contour lines on topographies, but not for floors. With the Create Contours tool, you can easily mimic these lines. The tool will place Model lines using specified increments and line types.


 In addition, there are 15+ more features in Naviate Site & Landscaping


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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버전 2024.2, 2024-01-10
Updated version released October 2023 - 2024.2 Main release in August 2023 - 2024.1

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