Circuit Number

Circuit Number

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Manually power and assign an electrical circuit number by entering a numerical value or using the R, Y, B format.

This functionality proves particularly useful during the conversion process from CAD to Autodesk® Revit®, eliminating the need for repetitive powering and moving circuit in panel schedule. With just one click, this plugin streamlines the entire process.

Features include:

  • Manual powering and assignment of electrical circuit numbers.
  • For single phase only.
  • For lighitng fixtures and electrical fixtures only.
  • Input options include numerical values or the R, Y, B format.
  • Automatic updating of circuit numbers to the next value with each power operation.
  • Selection of panels from the active view or a list.
  • Dark mode is available for user preference.

이 버전 정보

버전 1.0.0, 2024-03-19
First release.

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  • Super Handy
    Abdelrahman Hamdy Mobarak | 3월 19, 2024

    Very useful tool.

    Really helped me a lot.

  • Very Useful tool
    Mahamoud Alaa | 3월 19, 2024

    Very Useful tool 

  • circuit number
    Abdelrahman Fathy | 3월 19, 2024

    this greate addin , it saved more time that get more effort to do tasks

    thank you dear.. 

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