Finch revolutionizes the architectural design process by letting architects and AI design together. By leveraging the power of Finch, you can effortlessly generate floor plans in seconds accompanied by all the essential data you need. This allows you to go deeper, and faster and optimize your architecture. Generative design and AI are making the design process more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.


Your design, optimized 

Finch utilizes AI, graph technology, and advanced algorithms to optimize and challenge your design – Taking it to the next level. It continuously enhances your input, allowing you to achieve the exact design you want. Optimized.


Go deeper, faster

Generative tech enables rapid iterations, allowing you to explore a wide range of design options faster than ever before. Automatically fill stories and units with floor plans. Change it again and again.


Instant numbers, informed decisions

Utilize the power of data to receive instant feedback on performance and guide design decisions. Streamline feedback loops and ensure informed choices backed by numbers.


Break the right rules

Built-in error prevention helps you stay within the right limits. Focus on the design and Finch stays in the background, making sure that your buildings are compliant with the rules of your firm, customer, and municipality.


No entry barriers, seamless workflow 

Finch seamlessly integrates into your current workflow through plugins tailored to your preferred design software. 

With Finch add-in for Autodesk® Revit®, you can perform two actions: 

  1. Download a native Revit BIM file from your Finch project.
  2. Upload a Revit 3D mass to your Finch project.

이 버전 정보

버전 0.1.32, 2024-05-10
Added an option to import furniture Creating View Sheets optional(defaults to true)

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