Wakeboard - Diffuser and Thermostats

Wakeboard - Diffuser and Thermostats

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Are you tired of laying outbuildings?


Inserting thousands of devices repeatedly, project after the project gets tiring, boring and just plain repetitive! 


No longer will you need to put a thermostat next to each door or determine the spacing of your diffusers. 


Diffusers and thermostats are laid out for you in minutes based on the T50 throw value of your diffuser. Make sure to choose a hosted family to populate the diffuser to the ceiling. 


Select your thermostat family you want at each door and which rooms you want them in. 


Wait a few minutes while your entire model is populated for you! 


Have better conversations sooner! 


Save time!


Respond to changes faster than ever before.


Never has designing a building been easier! 


Start living a better life today with Wakeboard! 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Versão 1.02, 18/02/2021
Return Diffusers at door now available Added the ability to place on reference planes - the reference plane needs to be named "Diffuser - {Level ID}"

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