Ideate Software 捆绑包 - 试用版

Ideate Software 捆绑包 - 试用版

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广泛部署 Ideate Software 的公司可享受越来越多的好处。只需一次下载即可安装所有 Ideate Software 解决方案,使您的团队不必再专注于耗时的 Autodesk® Revit® 活动。


Ideate BIMLink Revit 数据管理解决方案,让您可以快速、轻松以及准确地将 Revit 文件(建筑、结构和 MEP)中的大量信息提取并推送到用户友好的 Microsoft® Excel®


Ideate Explorer for Revit 会为您提供一种轻松、直观和深入的方法,来搜索、过滤、量化和选择 Revit 模型中的图元。Revit 负责项目数据,而 Ideate Explorer 可快速地发现和操纵 Revit 数据。


Ideate Sticky让您可以便捷地链接 ExcelWord PDF 文件中的非 BIM 数据,并轻松地将这些数据更新到 Revit 项目中。


Ideate StyleManager可解决 Revit 样式管理的挑战。  杂乱无章且重复的样式可能会导致出现发布错误、最终用户困惑,甚至出现 Revit 模型性能问题。   


IdeateApps是一组 Revit 应用程序,旨在提高整个项目团队的生产力和效率。Ideate Apps 包括 IdeateQuickSelectIdeate SmartDeleteIdeate XRayIdeate SpellCheck, Ideate Annotate, Ideate Clone, Ideate SheetManagerIdeate RenumberIdeate Align Ideate ViewCreator




30 天试用版包括对五种产品中每一种产品的访问。 Ideate Explorer、IdateApps 和 Ideate Sticky 功能齐全。 Ideate BIMLink 对数据导出有 25 行限制。 Ideate StyleManager 仅限于测试这三种样式:线条图案、材质和材质外观资源样式。


版本 2025.0, 2024/6/25



4 评论
  • Autodesk, take note
    Gavin Crump | 一月 11, 2022

    Why these application functions haven't been replicated, bundled or bought out into Revit itself astounds me. They simply transform the process of using Revit from a data perspective entirely into one that is 100% more automated, feasible and enjoyable.

    Any company that has the desire and appetite for efficiency with pay off the cost of the applications in no time, and they offer some great network lisence solutions as well so that users can access the applications at different times across many machines. At most firms when the lisences cap out I simply just wait for one to free up - it's impossible to bring myself to do workflows without these tools sometimes!

  • Can't Revit without it
    Jason Halaby | 十一月 18, 2021

    Ideate's suite of tools is indispensable at our firm. There are so many tasks that are made more efficient, and many tasks that would just be flat out impossible without these tools. Ideate does a fantastic job at listening to their customers and they implement suggestions and feature requests quite rapidly. I have been using their products for more than 6 years and highly recommend all of them.

  • Productivity Tools that Deliver on the Promise
    Jeffrey Bailey | 四月 29, 2021

    The Ideate suite of tools are one of very few tools I've come across for Revit that do excactly what they're supposed to, without spamming your toolbars with useless gizmos.

    Some of the simpliste tools like Explorer are real game changers in how it lets you interact with models.

    I use, and love, every one of the Ideate tools, and teach my teams about their usage also. Highly reccomended.

  • Essential for every Revit user
    Dana De Filippi | 四月 15, 2021

    I recommend every firm within AECO that uses Revit to invest in the Ideate Software Bundle.  Not only does the software make Revit users more efficient within the program, allowing for advanced communication with Revit itself, it also has a user interface that is second to none.  All Ideate applications are essential for every Revit user to be able to utilize on a daily basis - BIMLink for interaction with Revit data through Excel, Sticky to bring in static Excel data to a Revit sheet, Explorer to analyze the model in an advanced way, etc.