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A free tool that enables you to browse thousands and thousands of consistent and high-quality BIM objects from the award-winning BIM Library within NBS Source whilst working within Autodesk® Revit®.  Using the unique NBS plug-in you can drag and drop selected objects directly into your model.

All objects in the NBS BIM Library are authored to the internationally recognized NBS BIM Object Standard. This ensures the consistency and currency of the hundreds of generic and thousands of manufacturer objects within the library.

NBS enables you to develop your model and specification in parallel. Develop your specification directly within the Revit environment. Keep your information co-ordinated and create a seamless link between your design and specification, saving you time, improving decision-making, and reducing the risk of information becoming out of sync.


The plug-in is compatible with NBS Chorus specifications for the UK, Australia, and North America.



1. Adding content to your project:

When searching for objects for inclusion in your project, the plug-in allows you to filter by your search criteria and then drag and drop your selected object directly into your Revit model. Once included in the model, technical guidance and relevant associated objects are then presented within the plug-in. Where an object is provided by a manufacturer, functionality is provided to communicate with that organization to receive technical support.


2. Collaborative specification writing:

If you are a subscriber to NBS and writing specifications to UK, Australian, or North American standards you can access NBS Chorus from within the Revit environment. Full access is provided to view/edit specifications, view/edit spec notes, and work with the NBS technical guidance and manufacturer guidance. Access permissions are respected so only those with permissions to view/edit specifications may do so.


3. Coordinating your model and specification:
Objects in Revit and specification clauses in NBS Chorus can be synchronized so that the annotation and scheduling process can be far more efficient and accurate. Furthermore, a model report may be generated which clearly indicates any broken links between objects and specifications. These features allow drawings and schedules to be published from the model with confidence.

NBS is an Autodesk Solutions Associate. Both organizations are working closely together to develop the next generation of information and knowledge management solutions.


版本 4.3.0, 2024/6/26
Compatible with Revit 2025. Performance and stability updates.



5 评论
  • Nice Idea - in need of a rethink
    Joe Stott | 七月 05, 2024 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    The idea of linking the Spec to the Revit model is in the "no brainer" category for me and this tool does do that however it is extreamly limited and poorly executed. Why we cant link more fields/parameters is beyond me unless that functionlity is planned to be behind another paywall. 

    Technically we have had all sorts of issues with these plugins recently. One version was causing all our models to hand for an age upon saving which was far from ideal - the next version then seemed to cause constantly "Colour Fill Regen" issues.. 

    Whilst i do love the idea of the tool the impementation falls way short of requirements.

  • Needs optimisation and UI improvements
    Josh Dudley | 四月 11, 2024 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    The potential the plugin has is enormous, but the current development of it severely misses the mark. 

    A greta idea to finally bridge th gap between drawings and specification, the plugin needs to imporve by:

    • Not requiring a new license to use in Revit as it eats up liceneses when you use it inn browser as well as in Revit. It isn't good enough to use without also relying on the broswer at the same time
    • Plugin overhaul so it isn't just a chrome viewer for the website which is clunky, maybe even with drag and drop functionality as the linking sequence is a bit lcunky (but useable)
    • User login credential caching!
    • Reliability / performance improvements, it has a habit of crashing Revit
    • A bit of label customisation so we can have a few spare fields to use as we see fit so we can hone what the labels say on drawings, or just make them editable?

    Good parts:

    • The whole concept of linking
    • Click an item and it shows you what it's linked to
    • Works well with labels

  • Needs UI design improvements
    Umut Akparlar | 十月 17, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Great tool but when I open it in Revit it just shows a web page for selecting families. I don't have any issues with NBS the main issue is lack of UI design. It's just a website viewer in Revit. 


    Please also provide for Revit 2025

  • Vital Tool, slow and unreliable
    Richard Radford | 六月 24, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    A vital tool to our workflow for crosslinking NBS Chorus specs and Revit models. Unfortunately, it is slow, doesn't cache login credentials, has poor UI for Revit use and new user discoverability, and sometimes enters and inoperable state, requiring a restart of Revit (which when working remotely on large models can result in 15 minutes+ of downtime). I also strongly suspect it forces a frequent crash of Revit after editing loading in families. As this crash only occurs after we have activated the plugin. I believe a streamlined and improved version is in the works, and hope it fixed these issues. Plugin Version 3.12.0 used with an updated Revit 2022 for reference.

  • NBS linking
    Matthew Holmes | 八月 12, 2019 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Great tool to link NBS specifications to all model elements to maintain coordinated information alongside accessing the NBS content