Distribution Sprinklers from CAD Link

Distribution Sprinklers from CAD Link



This tool is designed to copy the sprinklers from an Autodesk® AutoCAD® drawing that contains distributed closed circles which refer to the location of sprinklers, where the center of each circle indicates the location of the sprinklers, and takes into account that sprinklers become a host in the ceiling under condition that the active view contains rooms or spaces because sprinklers take height from the height of rooms or spaces. The volume of rooms or spaces inactive view must be activated by using volume computations or the user adjusts the height of Rooms and spaces from floor to ceiling manually.


The user can specify Sprinkler & CAD, then the user specifies the method to distribute the sprinkler according to the height of room or space or by the height of selected sprinkler.


Finally, the program has distributed sprinklers according to the center points of CAD.


The application will save a lot of time and effort in case the user needs to copy sprinklers, especially in shop drawings. This tool allows converting the location of sprinklers in CAD drawings to model in an Autodesk® Revit®File.


Note: Volume computations may affect Revit performance, and you can follow these steps:

  1. Click Architecture tab Room & Area panel drop-down   (Area and Volume Computations).
  2. On the Computations tab of the Area and Volume Computations dialog, under Volume Computations, select (to enable) or clear (to disable) Areas and Volumes.
  3. Click OK.


The user selects the type of sprinkler to be copied and selects the CAD file containing the closed circles that indicate the location of the Sprinklers where the Sprinklers are copied depending on the number of circles in the CAD file and the height of the room or space in the active view.


The user can distribute the sprinklers depending on the locations of the closed circle in CAD file only, and the height of the sprinklers depends on the height of the selected sprinkler which will be copied. It is better to use this method in the sprinklers which aren't host in-ceiling such as upright Sprinklers.


The trial version and the full version are both included in this app. After downloading the app, you will have the option to take a free 15 days trial or to purchase. Activation codes are sent via email.

Application Developed by smartdeveloper2010@gmail.com, and its price is 5.00 $/ Month.


版本 1.0.0, 2021/9/13
Initial release.



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