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Xinaps is setting the standard for data quality validation within Autodesk® Revit®. By automating the process of analysis, tools are allowing to ensure compliance with local building regulations in early stage of project development. From the inception of a building design, five aspects need to be taken into consideration. Xinaps Suite dedicates a tool to support each of these equally important themes, helping an architect to streamline building regulation process.

  • Ensure compliance with local building regulations
  • Customizable to all building types and supporting different local standards
  • Visualize data as 2D or 3D overview
  • Full synchronization with latest design iterations
  • Instantaneous feedback
  • Report the results to relevant institutions or building owner
  • Enhance internal collaboration and external communication


Financial Simulator

Fast, accurate and reliable financial analysis for better decision-making.

  • The plugin evaluates construction costs updating as you change the design
  • See the business case of the building – annual cashflow, Return on Investment and Net Present Value
  • Create cost scenarios for different design options

Financial Simulator of Xinaps enables the AEC professional to estimate the cost and profitability of the building and see how changes in design affect it. Is also makes it possible to present cost scenarios options to the building owner, helps making well-informed decisions regarding design.

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Spatial Requirements Assistant

Optimize building spaces by monitoring all functional requirements. The plugin performs model checking based on pre-listed specifications. 

  • Define area types, visualize them using customizable color palette
  • Toilet checking based on local regulations

Ensure compliance with local regulations and customer’s brief by identifying types of areas and toilets.

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Daylight Ratio Evaluator

Optimize lighting comfort and productivity via the building's daylight area ratio.

  • Plugin searches for glazing material (windows, doors, glass walls, etc.)
  • The tool analyzes Window-to-wall ratio and Window-to-floor ratio

Xinaps Daylight Ratio Evaluator™ automates daylight area analysis of your building model based on local standards. As a result, optimal design decisions can be made regarding glazing and better working and living spaces are produced.

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Accessibility Evaluator

Ensure full accessibility to your building and within it.

  • Set requirements for moving elements: hospital beds, wheelchairs, cars, etc.  Set critical values of the building to evaluate whether it is accessible.
  • Draw paths from and to anywhere in the building, assess their convenience and length 

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Fire Safety Assessor

Fire Safety Assessor puts the safety of the building at your fingertips.

  • Calculate egress path length and time from any spot, visualize and analyze it
  • Evaluate fire hose placement and area coverage
  • Provide reliable data on the safety of the building

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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).



版本 1.4.5, 2017/9/14
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