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The environment is an application, which helps architects, landscape architects and landscape designers to avoid the routine and complex operations by placing an architectural model in the environment of a real site and gives an opportunity to enjoy the design process.


To this end, we have developed a number of unique tools:

For example, using our technology of automatic attitude to topography, you can place walls and floors on topographies adjacent to the projected building in one click.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 


This is a fully-functional version of the plugin provided free of charge for thirty days.

To purchase a license, go to the website https://archintelligence.com/, or in the application itself, click on General Description/Register Now/Buy license now.



版本 11.1.0, 2023/5/26
Released April 2023. Support of Revit 2024 including tools for modeling Toposolid.



7 評論
  • Powerful plugin for site designers!
    Yakir Dalal | 二月 26, 2023

    This plugin is truly impressive! It comes with ton of tools and options that are so easy to use. As a landscape architect, I absolutely love the topography tools which allows me flexeblity in my designs. 

  • this is a must have!
    Oded Yatzkan | 二月 26, 2023

    If you are working on site design, this tool saves you tons of working hours.
    I am an architect and I cannot go back to Revit without this set of tools!

  • Thank god for this plugin
    Yotam Ashkenazi | 九月 04, 2022

    It saved me HOURS of work! East to learn too. Highly recommended.

  • Environment Plugin for Revit Landscape and Architecture
    Yadin Lerner | 二月 17, 2021

    Arch-intelligence has a great tool that allows for first time Revit Models to connect Buildings to the ground,

    Architecture to landscape Environment and site development to nature.

  • good product
    Ирина Голубева | 二月 17, 2021

    I often use it in my job. Especialy often I use wall layout, number array and shape by topo. Really it is usful.

    Please update function wall layout for stacked walls. 

  • Great landscape design app.
    Андрій Бутенко | 二月 17, 2021

    The application perfectly complements the standard functions of Revita for landscape design.

  • very useful for site design
    ‪Nehama Shechter‬‏ Baraban | 二月 17, 2021

    It became a huge part of my workflow—great value for money.