Avoid MEP clashes

Avoid MEP clashes



Plugin for Autodesk® Revit® 2018-2021 to resolve clashes MEP systems (Pipes, Ducts, Cable Trays, and Conduits). The plugin allows you to adjust many parameters and find clashes in elements in the host and linked models.


Main features of the plugin:

  • You can select the main elements in the host or in linked models or can combine it from both.
  • It works with any types of Pipes, Ducts, Cable Trays, and Conduits.
  • Is saves insulation and lining for Pipes and Ducts.
  • It saves all parameters from the source element and you can select to copy or not mark value.
  • You can select any offset between the main element and clashed with the MEP element.
  • You can select any angle of tracing between 1 and 90 degrees.
  • All last used settings are saved.
  • App works in 3D and Plan/Section views.
  • App works with millimeters and inches.


版本 1.1.1, 2021/9/13
Fixed bug, when intersections wasn't found



15 評論
    Herbert Muller | 五月 01, 2021 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    TKS MAN...

  • Very usefull tool
    Stefan Pandaciuc | 三月 19, 2021 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Very useful tool. It saves a lot of time when solving clashes.
    I would suggest to implement a rectangle selection mode.

  • Fantastic!!!
    Mladen Bosancic | 一月 27, 2021 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Great and simple! Saves a lot of time! Thank you!

  • 1.1.0 - No Clashes Found error
    Ken Shen | 一月 06, 2021 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    1.0 worked great, but 1.1 is giving me the error of "No clashes found"

  • Important question before i buy it
    Kingofgeneration2012 Kingofgeneration2012 | 十月 26, 2020

    is the addin compatible with revit 2017 ??

  • Main element very long, one of ends not found
    Colt Colt | 七月 19, 2020

    Добрый день. Отличный плагин, но последнее время пояаилась проблема. При использовании вылетает сообщение "Main element very long, one of ends not found". Не подскажите решение? 


  • Free?
    Kresimir Bedenikovic | 五月 21, 2020


    Isn't this supposed to be free? At least it says so on main list of add-ins.

    Thank you!

  • very good!
    정수 장 | 一月 10, 2020 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    very good!

  • Отличный плагин
    Vladislav Livanov | 十二月 16, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Огромное Вам спасибо! Замечательный плагин для работы не только с архитектурой и конструктивом, но и другими инженерными сетями!

  • Massage "Something goes wrong"
    Дамир В | 十二月 11, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    В Revit 2018 и 2019 после выбора элементов MEP при нажатии OK пишет "Something goes wrong".

    Очень хочется воспользовться плагиином. Что можете посоветовать?

  • Good, simple, free
    Sergey Zhebelev | 十一月 27, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Thank's for great job! People like you are helping for world BIM community very much!

  • Great plugin!
    Sergey Livada | 十一月 25, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Классная вещь, которая упрощает жизнь инженеров MEP! Отличная работа, Николай. Спасибо за предоставленный плагин.

  • Its Excellent
    Pramod Kumar | 十一月 25, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Thank you very much brother..love from India. Pramod

  • It works
    Mostafa El-Sherif | 十一月 22, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Great Job

    Thank you :)

  • already a must have
    David Grassin | 十一月 22, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    this is probably one of the better app I use !


    just need à french translate !

    Thank's for dev'