SimCFD Design Study Loader

SimCFD Design Study Loader

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If you are leveraging the design study environment there will be times when you have more than 1 scenario that has finished which you have to manually load.

General Usage Instructions

Check Scenarios

Click this button at  anytime to output the current status of all scenarios in your design study.

Possible Status:

·           Idle -  No Results: Simulation is not running and there are no results

·           Idle -  Results Loaded: Simulation is not running and results are available

·           Results  not  Loaded: Simulation is not running and results are pending to be loaded.  This would be a scenario that the second button would automatically load.

·           Solving: The solver is currently working

·           Meshing: The  mesher  is currently working

·           Queued: The simulation is currently queued to be sent to the  mesher /solver’

Load Results

Once clicked the API will take over and open each simulation serially where results are ready to be post-processed. Please be patient as some models do take a few minutes to load.

This process is finished when the following text is displayed in the message window:

Design Study Loader: Finished!





  1. The installer that ran when you downloaded the add-in automatically installed the add-in. If Autodesk® Simulation CFD was open during this process, please exit and complete the installation.



1.        Open the Autodesk Exchange App Manager from the Windows Start menu. (Start > All Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk Simulation CFD <version> Autodesk Exchange App Manager.)

2.        Select the Design Study Loader utility.

3.        Click Uninstall.

Additional Information

This app requires: Autodesk® Simulation CFD 2015 or 2016 or Autodesk® Simulation CFD 360 2015 or 2016

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