Splashtop Streamer -- Secure Remote 3D Graphics

Splashtop Streamer -- Secure Remote 3D Graphics

Win32 and 64, English

Splashtop -- High Performance 3D Remote Desktop
Secure Remote 3D App Streaming Solution (on-premise or cloud), optimized for NVIDIA Quadro®. Remote access 3D workstations from any device (mobile + PC/MAC/Chrome).

General Usage Instructions

Simple 3 Steps to Start Enjoying Remote 3D Autodesk® Experience: * Install Splashtop Streamer on your workstation (Windows and MAC). Download Splashtop Business app on your device (iOS, Android, WinRT, Windows, MAC, Windows Phone, Linux supported)* Sign up for free trial at http://www.splashtop.com/business




* Splashtop creates its own directory for its apps and data * Simply use Windows Control Panel to uninstall Splashtop

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Splashtop -- High Performance 3D Remote Desktop
Support Contact: support@splashtop.com

Author/Company Information

Splashtop -- High Performance 3D Remote Desktop

Support Information

Obtain support by visiting http://www.splashtop.com/support

Version History

Version Number Version Description

* Security Improvements * File transfer speed enhancements * Various bug fixes.

* Support FIPS. All endpoints have a registry/plist to turn FIPS on. * Show login user. On computer list, show if a computer is logged in with a user. * Synchronize caps lock/num lock between streamer/app. * Endpoint security, improved Bitdefender integration, add support for Windows defender, and Windows server/XP/Vista. * Classroom, add a new “stop sharing” option “After you log out of this computer“. * Remove the UI lock of remote print driver, Advanced/Proxy section on streamer. * PCI compliance by turning off LAN support. A new checkbox on streamer “Enable direct connection”. * Add “Compatible mode” checkbox on streamer. When this option is checked, streamer will be forced to use old relay for compatibility. * Windows update for Premium. * Add “Screen capturing options” on streamer, which includes: software, hardware (DXGI), NV, and Mirror Driver. * Update NVidia SDK to gen 3 for v7 drivers (was v5). * New blank screen with Gamma Ramp. Win8+ will use Gamma Ramp as default, and DPMS driver is removed from 3320. * Remote print improvements: new driver to fix border cut problems, and print settings will be saved across sessions. * File transfer improvements and fixes. * Various bug fixes.

* File Transfer improvements. Support off-session file transfer, in-session drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste. * Premium. Support scheduled reboots and Windows event alerts. * Various bug fixes.

This release is for reliability and bug fixes.

This release add support for multi to multi-monitor usage, premium features, increase file size transfer support up to 64G, support for auto-login, and various bug fixes.

This release is a major update for new features, security / stability improvements and various bug fixes.

Initial release
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