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Load parametric algorithms created in Grasshopper and hosted on ShapeDiver into Autodesk® Forma projects.

General Usage Instructions

Load a ShapeDiver generator to your project’s library

Once the ShapeDiver extension is installed, you can load it from the user interface on the left of the Forma window. The extension can be used to reference one of your ShapeDiver models and add it as a new generator of your project's library.

To load your ShapeDiver model, you need to follow the following steps:

On the ShapeDiver platform:

  • In the embedding settings section, add the domain to the list of whitelisted embedding domains.

  • Enable embedding for your ShapeDiver model.

  • Copy and paste the model view URL and the embedding ticket from the Developers section of your model’s view page.

In Autodesk® Forma:

  • Click on the “Load ShapeDiver generator” button

  • Review feedback about mapped and ignored parameters

  • Click on the “Add to library” button, and wait for the import to finish


You will now find the ShapeDiver generator in the “Library” section of your project


Instantiate a ShapeDiver generator in your project

From the Library section of the Forma interface, find the ShapeDiver generator. Clicking on the generator element will let you include an instance of the generated geometry in your document.

The geometry initially corresponds to the default parameter values of the ShapeDiver model.


Modify parameter values and update the corresponding geometry

Once an instance of the generator is part of your document, click on it at any time to show the related generator card on the right. Clicking on the generator card will open up a new panel that lets you update most of the parameters of your ShapeDiver model.


ShapeDiver for Forma Help Page

Learn more about the usage of this app on our dedicated help page.




Additional Information

Known Issues

At the moment, the parameter interface in Forma only supports the following parameter types:

  • Number Sliders
  • Value Lists and Dropdowns
  • Booleans
  • Text


Other inputs will not appear in the Forma parameter interface and, therefore, always bear their default values.

Additionally, using the structured curve input lets you use the polygon drawing tool of Forma.


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Support Information

Use our forum for support.

Business account users may use their dedicated support package.

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Initial release.
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