TestFit Parking Generator

TestFit Parking Generator

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TestFit's real estate feasibility platform makes it easy to do site planning. Our real-time AI configurators allow for rapid iterations to get deals done quickly.

General Usage Instructions

  • From the sidebar, click the Extensions icon.
  • Select an "Add extension" button in the menu.
  • In the "Extension" tab you can see the 'TestFit'extension that is available.
  • To proceed to installing an extension, you'll need to agree to the Terms and Conditions provided by the creator of the extension.
  • Then, draw your parking boundaries.
  • TestFit's AI configurator will optimize the best design solution.
  • Manually edit the axis for orientation, stall width, stall depth, turn radius and more to fit for your specific needs.




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Company Name: TestFit
Company URL: https://testfit.io/
Support Contact: ryan@testfit.io

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For support from TestFit, please contact us at support@testfit.io. or to learn about TestFit's full product offerings, email us at sales@testfit.io.

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