FenestraPro Envelope Analysis

FenestraPro Envelope Analysis



FenestraPro Envelope Analysis enables early-stage understanding of the impacts of the building envelope on the internal spaces of the building, and how they relate to energy performance and carbon impacts.


It gives Autodesk® Forma users unique insights into design decisions such as window-wall ratios, as well as envelope materials and components, such as roof, wall, and glazing specifications and how they comply with localized code requirements


Users have a unique understanding of the site and surrounding buildings in Forma, but by using FenestraPro Envelope Analysis they can also see real-time data on metrics that affect the internal spaces of their projects, such as thermal performance, internal heat gains, and daylighting.


Using FenestraPro Envelope Analysis will enable Users to:

  • Automate envelope geometry design to make informed decisions and apply window-wall ratios and glazing configurations.
  • Automate selection of façade materiality to specify envelope elements such as glazing and wall specifications.
  • Check Code compliance, based on project location.
  • Analysis of Façade performances – thermal performance, heat gains and cooling loads, daylighting and shading.

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Version 1.0.0, 6/5/2024
Initial release

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